Chichibu Steam Railway
Constructed in 1944, the Paleo Express steam locomotive runs the 57km between Kumagaya Station and Mitsumine-guchi Station. The nostalgia surrounding the venerable classic Paleo Express grants it a special place among railway enthusiasts and tourists alike. The inspiration for the train's name came from an ancient marine dinosaur, the Paleo Paradoxia, which was discovered to have lived in the Chichibu area more than 20,000,000 years ago.

In 1988, Chichibu Railway began a special promotion featuring the Paleo Express. Between the months of March and November each year, the steam locomotive makes the round trip between the two stations on weekends and holidays. During these months, multitudes of tourists come to ride this treasure of Japan's railway past while enjoying splendid views of the nature that abounds in Chichibu.

Train tickets for the Paleo Express must be purchased in advance, and can be reserved from the Chichibu Railway website
(sorry, only Japanese available).