The Sensation of Matsuri
"...some people - and I have been among them - have attempted to approach the study of matsuri not merely as a problem of history, but of function, namely the way in which the matsuri influences or operates on the people involved. In the sociology or anthropology of religion this method is called functionalism, and when taking this approach, one analyzes the nature of the social group supporting the festival in order to find the role of the festival in the lives of the people. Put bluntly, matsuri is viewed for its role in integrating the hearts and minds of the people, or giving them a spiritual sense of unity...."

"...When viewing the structure of a matsuri in this way, its characteristics appear to involve two radically divergent elements. One is the element of extreme solemnity and formality, while on the other hand there is also what might be called a coarse, or even obscene, aspect, the element of informality. As a result, a matsuri appears to contain both an extremely formally correct, "polite" side together with a side representing impropriety or disruption of order.."

"... if a matsuri is not merely a foolish uproar but a religious activity as well, then within it there must be the feeling that the people have somehow been reborn, or that they have touched something extremely fresh and new. And the conscious experiences that occur here have all occurred as the result of sensations...."

Festivals in Chichibu Area
     Ryusei Rocket Festival (Yoshida Town) October 10
     Suitegu Festival (Yorii Town)  first Saturday in August
    Chichibu Night Festival (Chichibu City) December 2 and 3
    Teppo Festival (Ogano Town) December 15
    Chichibu Ondo Festival (Minano Town)  August 13 and 14