Muse Park
From Chichibu Muse Park, visitors can enjoy unencumbered views of Chichibu City. Covering 375 hectares, the expansive Chichibu Muse Park is divided into four zones, each with differing cultural and sporting themes.

The 'Forest of Sports' is home to a swimming pool, tennis courts, a par-3 golf course and cottages available for overnight stays, while the 'Forest of Music', located on the outskirts of the park, contains a music hall where concerts are frequently held, as well as a Grecian-style temple complete with marble columns and water fountains. A 53- meter long roller slide, an observatory built in the shape of a ship and fields of seasonal flowers can be found in the 'Forest of Culture'. Within the 'Forest of Muses' there are numerous playgrounds for children and walking paths that traverse the lush greenery and nature that can be found throughout the area.

Visitors can easily walk between the four zones, and can also enjoy other facilities such as a cycling course, numerous hiking paths, and a locomotive train (the 'Sky Train'), which travels along the 3km long 'Sky Road'.