Nagatoro Riverboating

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Located on the Arakawa River, Nagatoro is Saitama Prefecture's most well known sightseeing area and one of Japan's most prominent river communities. Among the area's notable sites are the Nagatoro Gorge and Japan's first Scenic National Monument, Iwadatami ('The Tatami Rocks'). Visitors can take in these spectacular views via the unusual means of traditional Japanese longboats (an activity referred to as "Rhine Kudari"), which are guided by boatmen down the Arakawa River.
The riverboat routes are divided into two sections: Oyabana-bashi to Iwadatami, and Iwadatami to Takasago- bashi. The river has areas of both calm waters and rapids; the variation creates an enjoyable and exciting ride. The entire course runs 6km in length, with each section taking approximately 30 minutes. Visitors are welcome to take the riverboats down both sections. In addition to the river waters and the Iwadatami, the skill of the boatmen, who use a single, long pole to maneuver the boat, is also a sight to be noted. Riverboats are operated between the months of March and November.
In addition, the Nagatoro area is famed for its extraordinary spring cherry blossom and fall foliage views.